What You'll Learn

Drum lessons at Rhythm House cover a wide range of areas to help make you a complete
drummer. Here's a
brief list of areas covered:
•               Correct Grip/Stroke Technique
•               Rudimental Snare Drum
•               Rudiments applied to the drum kit
•               Rock/Pop Grooves
•               Rock/Pop Fills
•               Sticking Patterns
•               Accent Patterns
•               Blues/Jazz  Grooves
•               Blues/Jazz Fills
•               Funk Grooves
•               Latin Grooves
•               Time signature studies
•               Advanced cymbal patterns.

At Rhythm house we like to make sure that you get to learn what you want to learn.
Therefore, while we will make sure we cover all the areas mentioned above we'll also
focus on specific areas that you want to study.

So if you want to become a Rock God, a Funk Master or a Jazz Cat, we'll help you achieve
your aim. If you have a song you need to learn for a performance, we'll teach you the
techniques to play it.

David/Jason/Raf: $50 / Hour
         $30 / 30 Mins           

Mark: $60 / Hour
         $45 / 45 Mins        
         $35 / 30 Mins

Fees are to be paid in advance on the first lesson of each month for the duration of the

Fees can be paid in Cash or by Cheque made payable to 'Rhythm House

At least 1 day’s notice must be given for lesson cancellations. If sufficient
notice is not given Rhythm House reserves the right to charge the student for
the lesson.

Lesson Scheduling
Rhythm House will attempt to deliver all lessons at the time agreed with the
student upon signing up.
However, from time to time it may be necessary to cancel or reschedule
lessons due to teacher’s illness or other unforeseen events. Rhythm House
will provide as much notice as possible at these times.

Preferred Time Slots
If a student fails to attend more that 60% of classes over a two month period
then Rhythm House reserves the right to give the student’s preferred time
slot to another student.

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